Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28, 2012

There have not been any more births at Shanti Uganda, but I am hopeful there will be before I leave on Friday.  I cannot believe my time here is almost over.  I have learned so much and enjoyed every aspect of it.  Although we haven't had any births I have been able to develop and implement a Midwife and Doula Resource Binder, made a poster of the Mission since there was not one posted, taught some of the midwives about labor and birth positions, rearranged some things.  These may sound simple, but the process is not easy.  Access to basic items that you and I take for granted are not easily accessible here, such things as tape, markers, and printing.  Everything takes a little (sometimes a lot) longer in this wonderful country of Uganda.

I thought I would share some sights of Luwero, Uganda and Kasana Town:

We had 3 prenatal couples today.  The husbands all came with their wives.  This is a great success for Shanti Uganda because they encourage fathers to participate!

These three girls stop at Shanti Uganda everyday on their way home from school and call for me to come out and take their picture.  Of course I do, and then we laugh and smile and we take pictures and I show them to them on the camera or on my computer.

Tires provide hours of entertainment for neighborhood children.

A neighbor fixing breakfast in the morning hours.

In gratitude and appreciation from Uganda!


  1. Wow, those little girls are just too cute. I know you love seeing them every day. They will miss you when you leave but those of us at home sure will be glad to have a chance to spend some time with you!

  2. Thanks for keeping the updates coming! It's been great to read everything! Such an amazing experience! Can't wait to hear more!!!!