Monday, March 26, 2012

March 23, 2012

Well the power has been off every time I have been available to post my blog.  The power tends to come on late at night and go off early in the morning, so most days are spent without electricity. Some days I manage to get a hot cup of coffee in before the electricity goes off, but those days are far and few between.  Then when the electricity is on the internet is down at the internet café.  I am at least glad that I purchased a phone to communicate with the family, otherwise Wake would not survive……….I know this is true.

I got to attend my first birth yesterday.  It was quite amazing.  The mother did not make a noise the entire time she was in labor or during the birth.  Sister Mary said this is typical of Ugandan women as they do not want to push energy out via their voice, instead they wish to send the energy down to assist the baby.  I found it fascinating to watch.  Birth practices are very different here.  I did not like that the woman had to labor and birth on a piece of plastic laid across the vinyl covered mattress, so I am busy trying to find a remedy to this problem.  They cannot use sheets as they have no way to sanitize them so I am thinking something along the line of those plastic table cloths that have a soft backing on them???  If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know because I plan to implement something as soon as I am back in the US.  It needs to be something soft, waterproof and disposable.
 Here is a photo of the happy momma (Christine), papa and baby girl.  The father had ridden home on his bicycle to get a flask for water and the baby was born while he was gone, but he was so very excited when he returned and discovered that his daughter had arrived. It was encouraging to see a father that excited and involved in his wife’s birth.  I do think the future generation may hold the key.

March 25, 2012

I finally got to post a blog today.  It was however not easy.  I woke early while the power was still on and walked to the local internet café but after many trips back and forth it still was not open, not to mention the electricity went out and came back on twice during this time.  Shanti Uganda rents from the owners of the internet cafe and I asked Adrine and she said that David the manager was tending to a sick family member and that she was going to open the café in 30 minutes.  I heard Adrine leave in her car so I followed on foot, only to find her car not there and the café still closed.  I decided to walk to the other side of town and try the internet café owned by the dioceses.  Once I arrived it was closed although the sign said they are open Monday through Sunday 8am to 8pm.  I then walked back home and passed Adrine and her husband Joseph who said the power was out but that she was going to open the internet café.  I walked on home to find the power on and left for the café immediately.  After many times of losing the internet and then getting it back I got my blog posted, yeah!!!  I was frustrated many time, but to no avail as I find it gets me nowhere, nor will it ever get me closer to my desire.

This evening Ben picked me up to take me to Christina’s, a local bar, and on the way we stopped at a motel (Luwero Safari Village) that is under construction and looks as though it will be a great place to stay.  They are providing a living history environment with all the traditional aspects of Ugandan living.  The following are the photos from the facility:
The Sign that will hang at the entrance.
 The owner, Saleem along with one of the employees
 One of the huts that will be an accommodation with a living area and two bedrooms.  Traditionally it would have been a living room for the man and a bedroom for each of his two wives with a bath between.
 Beds made in the traditional way. They are to be stained, but I thought they were great just the way they were.
 Furniture will be traditional as are these chairs and benches.

 (Above 2)The cutest money I ever have seen, Logan, although he had several names as everyone that comes to Luwero Safari Village names him something else.  He was so calm; Yes, I did want to kidnap him, I knew I could never get him through customs and Takoda would never forgive me.
These will be the only zebras I see on this visit to Africa, but I guessed that you all would want to see some wildlife, thus I share.

After the Luwero Safari Village Ben took me to Christina’s, a wonderful small hotel and bar within walking distance of our home………….never knew it was there.  We sat outside under the stars and drank a local beer.  After the waiter brought the 3rd round it was getting dark and I knew it was time to return to the house.  It was however great to finally drink something cold!

 This is the closest to a smile that I could get from Saul, Cato’s first born.
 A young girl enjoys one of the dolls I brought to give out.  Her mother was there for a prenatal appointment.  When I tried to approach the girl she got the saddest look on her face, she was going to cry at any moment, so I admired her from afar.

In gratitude and appreciation from Uganda!


  1. Wonderful post! Great to see so many more photos and of course I know firsthand your frustrations with the power on and off situations, glad we don't have to deal with that around here, my amps would be useless over there...

  2. Hey mom! I've been thinking about what you could use for the birthing pad that is soft waterproof and disposable. Sears sells some quilted waterproof pads that are priced decently low. Also there are diaper changing pads that can be disposed of and bought in bulk. You could slip one of those over a mattress to use... just some ideas to think about! Love and miss you! -Hayden

  3. Wenda, thanks for your wonderful updates! I can't wait to tell Savion all that you have been up to - sounds like an incredible trip. And the pictures are great. Lots of love from North Carolina! Alex, Stewart, and Savion

  4. So you did witness a birth. I posted earlier that I hoped you would before I read this blog. :) I think the tablecloth idea sounds like a great solution for the women. I'll think about it some more though or we should brainstorm over something cold to drink here in the States. A better idea if I say so myself :)