Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3, 2012

I am back home and have begun to adjust to the time change, but not necessarily to the "western way".  I had a wonderful experience and for my last blog (on this trip) I thought I would share with you some of the wonderful people I met that I have not already introduced you to along with some of the sights of Luweero.
(From the left) Margot, the Women's Income Generating Group Coordinator, Jamila, a wonderful neighbor that cooked dinner for us during the week, and Sadie, the Project Coordinator for Shanti Uganda.  Both Margot and Sadie are from Canada.
Mugwanya, we met one day as I was walking to work and he was on his bicycle.  He got off his bike and ended up walking all the way to Shanti Uganda with me.  I have already received an email from him.
 Emma, the lab technician that worked there on sight at Shanti Uganda.
Sara, one of the midwives, the youngest one as well.
Sister Florence and Sister Mary, both midwives, Sister Mary is the head midwife.
Joy, midwife and Sister Mary.
There is another midwife Ssanyu, but I never got the opportunity to work with her.
Florence demonstrating the "tippy tap" which was how you washed your hands after using the latrine.
 Haffsa, Jamila's mom standing outside of her kiosk, everyone seems to sell items outside of the homes.
Haffsa, she is beautiful just like her daughter Jamila.
 Jamila, working in her mom's store.
 Media, she owned the phone store and was so helpful to me every step of the way as I was trying to purchase and use a cell phone in Uganda.
 Flora, one of Media's employees.
 Media's cell phone store.
A water station.
 Eddie and Edith in one of their grocery stores, using the term "grocery store" is pushing it, items are extremely limited in Luweero.
 Eddie and Edith, they really where lovely.  Edith was the first person I met when I got to Luweero.
 A typical laundry mat.
 Jackie, who was one of the helpers at one of the grocery stores.

 Mike, worked with Jackie at the above grocery store.
 The bank.
David, who managed READ Uganda.
READ Uganda, the internet cafe, it is a non-profit that provides computer training and business skills.

So these were some of the people that touched my heart on a trip that I will always hold dear.  I look forward to visiting them all again.  I hope I can continue to travel and provide my birth doula services to those in developing countries and hopefully once again you will read a blog from the Traveling Birth Doula.

In gratitude and appreciation from home, via Uganda!

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